Tell the city and county representatives to preserve all the open green space in The Woodlands, zoned recreational since the early years of the foundation of the city of Tamarac and as part of its planned distinctiveness. They must act in the best interest of the community and use the power conferred to them pursuing collective well-being. They ought to speak clearly about never enabling the speculative business plan that is hanging over the two golf courses. Tell them to Vote NO on the rezoning of the land in The Woodlands. 

The livability and distinctiveness of the city is highly dependent on the conservation of these finite natural spaces and resources. With a clear mandate and the proper management, they have the potential to produce unmatched value to the well-being of the community.

The Woodlands is part of District 2 of the city of Tamarac. The mayor and all the commissioners have a vote. The Woodlands is circumscribed to District 1 of the Broward county. The county commissioner has a vote.

City of Tamarac Representatives Name E-mail Address
Mayor Mayor Michelle J. Gomez
District 2 Representative Commissioner Mike Gelin
District 1 Representative Commissioner Marlon Bolton
District 3 Representative  Commissioner Julie Fishman
District 4 Representative  Commissioner Debra Placko
Broward County Representative Name E-mail Address
District 1 Representative  Commissioner Nan H. Rich

You can also ask the owner and operator of the golf club the reasons to sell these wonderful natural amenities to be replaced by hundreds of houses. It doesn’t fit their motto of providing “…….more golf“. Check their web site for contact information: