Make no mistake, our peaceful ecosystem of life and recreation is under attack. Success requires convening power. Some day children will ask about our role in standing for the conservation of breathtaking spaces of nature for the next generation’s delight.

We will not stand passively against the disruptive force while it deteriorates our community well-being permanently.

We will, by all righteous means and reasons, bring together alike minds and hearts to defend The Woodlands open green spaces of life and the access to golf recreation. We are committed to this for our families, neighbors and fellow inhabitants of the land under the blue sky, because we believe that all will benefit, even those that don’t contribute to this cause. Nonetheless, we need help to make this preservation enterprise sustainable. Only leveraging our human capital, we will influence the change that our community aspires. As sole individuals, we will be displaced.

We aspire to a universal solution to protect all recreational lands, like parks, natural reserves, golf courses and all other public spaces that serve to nurture minds, bodies and souls. We need more recreational spaces, not less.

We believe that with the conservation of the natural resources and the access to golf hosted in The Woodlands, we will be able to sponsor the development of endogenous programs that will benefit the city and enhance it for current and future generations.

Look around because a rising tide of concrete is cornering us.

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