Letter to the Tamarac District 2 Commissioner from neighbor @5302 Date Palm Place

Apr 29, 2019, 1:48 PM
To: Mike.Gellin@tamarac.org
You probably don’t recall but mine was one of the doors you knocked on when you were running for election. We had a nice chat, including mention of the proposed development by 13th Floor Homes.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the recent Community Board meeting on April 17.
That said, I’d like to take this opportunity to voice my VERY strong opposition to this project and as you know I’m not speaking only for myself. There are a variety of reasons for this, only 2 of which I’ll outline here:
1) in the Mayor’s recent State of the City message, she advised us that the population of Tamarac grew by 8% last year. At the Open House held in the Woodlands Country Club clubhouse, we were informed that the projected build-out for this project would be 3-5 years. By the Mayor’s metrics, by the time this project was sold out Tamarac’s population would be appx 89, 000. She also stated clearly that traffic congestion continues to be a problem. IF 13th Floor builds, assuming only 1 car per household the congestion both in and out of Woodlands would only be increased exponentially.
2) While 13th Floor presents slick drawings of THIS project, it’s also noted that they’ve been on a building spree over the past couple of years. Noticeably absent from any presentation or discussion has been even a mention of their being willing to make a contribution to the City by building a school to accommodate the population growth that their projects alone will cause. Makes one wonder…or does it?
I’m hoping to attend the Planning Board meeting on May 1, but in the meantime call on you in the strongest possible terms NOT so support 13th Floors Rezoning application.
Thank you for your consideration.
Alan Cohen

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