Letter to the Tamarac Commissioners from neighbor @Orchard Tree Lane

The Woodlands Home Community of Tamarac, Florida located at Woodlands Blvd. & West Commercial Blvd.

Subject:  Upcoming Pre-Application Neighborhood Meetings with 13th Floor Homes

To all receiving this letter,

I am a resident of the Woodlands Home Community residing in Section Eight on Orchard Tree Lane, and 13th Floor Homes has posted signs on Commercial Blvd., Woodlands Blvd. and Rock Island Road informing of upcoming meeting dates and times March 25, 2019 and March 27, 2019 at the Woodlands Country Club.

Also a letter was sent out by Dunay Miskel Backman informing of these meeting dates.  The letter states that this is not a normal type typical meeting, it is an “OPEN HOUSE” and that the residents can come in at any time during the hours of 5:00pm to 8:00pm to meet with residents.  This “OPEN HOUSE” should not count as meeting with the community because this is not a community meeting.  An “OPEN HOUSE” is a sales pitch for future sales and the representatives are going to say whatever they think the resident is going to want to hear, and this is going to be unmonitored.  The information 13th Floor Homes gathers from this is going to by bias and untruthful to some degree to make is seem that everybody in the community is for this development of the golf courses.  This is not going to be a normal community meeting and gathering of all residents.  Who is going to be monitoring every word that is said by 13th Floor representatives?  This type of gathering of information for presentation to the City of Tamarac can’t be trusted.  And if only a small portion of residence turn out, one of the main reasons could be that they don’t want to speak directly to 13th Floor.  That’s why this type of meeting process shouldn’t be count as going through the process of steps to satisfy the City of Tamarac’s requirements.

There should be one meeting with a set date and time in a very large auditorium type setting with the residents having all the City of Tamarac Commissioner’s present and the Major if possible to hear what the Woodlands residents think and feel about this.  This way the City Commissioners can form their own opinion on what the Woodlands residents would like to see and not see and know where the residence stand.  Without this type of meeting, 13th Floor Homes is going to make this all one sided, bias, and made to benefit only them, just like they have done up to this point already.  They already have had a one-sided survey taken and one-sided meeting gathering last summer at the Country Club which was similar to a Sale Pitch.

Please consider what I have written, thank you,

Jeffrey Shapiro.

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