Letter to the Tamarac Commissioners from neighbor @5706 S Travelers Palm Lane

Jul 12, 2019, 12:33 PM

Dear Mayor and commissioners,

It is with sad regret to inform those who voted against its constituents and advanced the request of the 13th floor that your power will be short lived. I will NOT vote for you next election, you can count on that. The city is supposed to protect its constituents from the big money but on the contrary, you voted to make our life a living hell. This is the city NOT for our life, but the city for big money. How’s that for your new slogan.

Whereas, the city of Lauderhill protected its constituents from the big money, some of our elected officials ( and the city employees who presented their cases and who does not live at woodlands got together at the onset, it was so obvious

that the people lost once the cross started). Our dollars and taxes surely was not enough to be protected. We, the people deserve more than what you promised to give us to live at the CITY FOR OUR LIFE.

I dread when the time comes when I drive thru our boulevard and traffic is so congested I have to spend most of my time waiting for the traffic to move. I dread when the time comes that emergency vehicles cannot get to our neighbors and yours, (you know who you are) on time to protect life and property because of heavy traffic. I dread when the time comes that our streets are flooded because the water drainage system cannot accommodate the added usage. I dread when the time comes when schools and hospitals in our areas are at full capacity and unable to function at its best. I dread when the trees and the green scenery are nowhere and its place are buildings. Talk about climate change!! I can go on and on about all my fears for this city of my life. This fear would not be only mine to CARRY and to LIVE with, but for all of us who live here. Long after the 13th floor demolish our peaceful way of life, long after YOU no longer has the power to destroy our peaceful way of life, WE will be left with the travesty of your decisions. God help us all.

Rowie Lombardi

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