Letter to the Tamarac Commissioners from neighbor @5311 Buttonwood Court

To The Peoples Voices Of Tamarac:

I am writing this letter to express my feelings and concerns regarding the development of 423 homes in the Woodlands Community being offered by 13th Floor.
When I purchased my home almost five years ago, my decision in purchasing a home in Tamarac was determined by the visions the City Of Tamarac had moving froward and bringing families together, I also did my research in making sure the City Of Tamarac had come forward prior to the time of my purchase of which it did.
This being the case I now feel as if my decision of moving into the Woodlands as well as into Tamarac was probably not a wise one.
Last week I really sat and thought long and hard of how to approach my Mayor and City Commissioners regarding my concerns and feeling towards 13th Floor Development, just the thought of this development has been causing me stress, thinking of the construction site Woodlands will become and all the inconveniences we the residents of the Woodlands will be impacted by, just to mention a few, for all the residents whom have swimming pools the dirty, dust and debris will have an impact on these residents not only inconveniences but financially being they will need to give their pools maintenance in order to keep them in running order and avoid the cleaning system from being impacted by overworking them and causing them of having to be replaced.
I also know traffic in the Woodlands is not the greatest at the present moment due to individuals speeding without concerns or evening taking into consideration of the Woodlands not having sidewalks, now add cars in the upward of about one thousand more, what do you think will be the outcome?.
Most important I would like to mention the flooding we experience every time we have heavy rain downpours, I am located at Buttonwood and Bayberry and let me emphasize on the concerns and how high water levels come up to in this area, my neighbor across the street had water flow into her home during a heavy downpour causing damage to all her hardwood flooring & sheetrock/drywall, this then lead to insurance claims and the inconvenience of having her home torn apart for moths. Just to prove my point I have included pictures of the area to allow you not only to look into this matter but to also think of less land to absorb water runoff, adding 423 new homes which by FMEA are required to be build at a higher elevation levels to avoid flooding for new homes, which I am sure will impact older homes at lower ground levels, as it has happened and continues to happen to an older community on the other side of Rock Island due to the new homes added on both side of the Florida Turnpike. Adding 423 new homes taking up the green space can possibly cause a much more catastrophic flood situation.
As a Resident of the Woodlands and the City Of Tamarac, I urger our Mayor and City Commissioners “our voices” to please vote against the development of 423 new homes in the Woodlands being proposed by 13th Floor.
Thank you
Joselito Ramos

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