Letter to the Tamarac Commissioners from neighbor @5203 Bayberry Lane

Philip & Sue Daspit

22 April, 2019

Tamarac City Commission

7525 NW 88 Avenue
Tamarac, FL 33321

We are opposed 13th Floors developing the Woodlands Country Club and the proposed rezoning.


  1. March 25, 2019, my wife and I attended an information meeting at the Woodlands Country Club. We were shown the planned development and were able to ask questions.  My wife and I spoke with Landon Massel, Director of Acquisitions and Mr. Michael Nunziata, Division President.  We asked them if 13th floor intended to fill in existing ponds to build homes.  I asked them this question for two reasons.  The canal that crosses Bayberry Lane near my home, 5203 Bayberry Lane, serves two purposes.  First; during heavy rains, the excess water is drained off to the North.  Currently, we do not have a flooding problem.  Second; homes, including mine, use it to irrigate their lawns.  The answer that I received from Mr. Massel and Mr. Nunziata was that they weren’t going to fill in the ponds.  I have not seen any changes to the plans that show the ponds being filled in.

  1. 13th Floor also explained how they intended to mitigate the increase traffic on Rock Island, Commercial, and 44th Their own studies show that the traffic will become more of a problem even with their mitigation plan of only adding turn lanes east bound on Commercial and Rock Island and eastbound on Rock Island and 44th Street and adding enhance traffic lights.  This does not appear to solve any of the increased traffic.

  1. A number of individuals were concerned about gating the community and what that would do. 13th Floor explained that the entrances would be public during certain times of the day and at night they would it would be private.  The explanation for this was that the City would be responsible for maintaining the roads and yet keep the Woodlands somewhat private.  This divided responsibility will cause confusion for road maintenance.  One good example, on occasion an animal will be hit by a car in the Woodlands.  Presently, when the City is notified they arrange to take care of it.  Will this continue?  Also, is it true that the city will still be responsible, if there is a problem that occurs at night?

  1. With the increase in traffic, the emergency response will be hampered by the increase in traffic and additionally, by the decrease in access to the community.

  1. The increase in traffic, will present more risk for pedestrians. Who will be responsible for policing the streets? Will the city do something to insure the streets are safe?  During the presentation, 13th Floor stated that all of the improvements would be borne by the CDC.  This means that the new residents will be paying for the improvements and also the maintenance.  In other words besides paying over $350,000 or more for a home the new home owners will be liable extra fees and taxes.  Homes in Manor Parc have had their county taxes double from 2016 to 2017.  Then again how long will that last before we are all required to pay for this.  A number of people here are retired and will not be able to afford to live here.  13th Floor explained that there would not be changes to the current HOA’s.

  1. There are FPL Transmission lines that run through the East Golf Course up to Rock Island. 13th Floor plans to build houses under these lines.  These lines continue north up through Coral Springs.  I have noted that there are not any homes built near these lines.  I have notice the same at other locations.  Besides the need for FPL and the EMT hazards, who would want to purchase a home right under a Transmission line?  This will not help with property values.

13th Floor has held a number of meetings to illicit residence opinions and comments.  In May 2018 they conducted an online survey.  The questions were generally of the nature of what would you want and what some concerns individuals might have.  They did not ask the central question of whether the residence favored or opposed their development.  The following August, Woodlands HOA Section one did conduct a survey with one question.  That was do you favor or oppose the development.  I have not seen these results.  At the last WHOA meeting in February 2019, the board stated that a majority of the residents were opposed to the development.  Since the meeting on March 25, 2019, I have received an email from Dan Daley, Esq. Corporate Counsel for 13th floor.  This email gave me a link to register my support but did not give me a method of registering my nonsupport.  I am sending this email to you to inform you that myself and my wife, Sue Roberts Daspit, do not support or approve of the proposed 13th Floor development.  I have presented some of our reasons for opposing the development.  We purchased our home in 2009 with the understanding that we would be able to enjoy a golf club community.  This development not only destroys that but will bring in more problems than it will solve.

We are asking you not approve the rezoning from recreational to residential, and that the city not approve this development.

Philip & Sue Daspit

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