Letter to the Tamarac Commissioners from neighbor @4502 King Palm Drive

April 26, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Marie Gagnon.  My husband and I reside in The Woodlands Country Club Section 7.  Our address is 4502 King Palm Drive.

My husband and I purchased this home 5+ years ago.  When we bought our home, we were looking for our “forever home” and The Woodlands matched our criteria perfectly.  It is peaceful, gracious and distinguished.

We remember being very excited and proud to see a large and beautiful display paying its respect to the rich history of The Woodlands at City Hall the day we were there opening our water service account.  We learned from your display that Mr. Bering created this jewel which he intended to enrich the city as a one-of a-kind golf course community. We felt like we were purchasing a bit of history.  We were finally home in the “City for our Life!”

Fast forward and it’s the City about to change our lives – and not for the better.  It’s the “City of NOW” with no regard for its history or the current residents that live here in our community.  To even entertain a project that will add so many negatives to our daily lives is unacceptable.  We will have to endure Noise, Traffic, Contamination, Crowding, and Zero lot line homes built as close as 25 feet away from some of our back doors.  This does not match the quiet peaceful lives we have worked so hard to create.  This project brings nothing positive to the table for its current residents.  If this project is approved, many backyards, pools and lanais that sit on the golf course will be rendered unusable due to the destruction of tranquility.  So, who pays for this loss of use?  Also, like many others, we have invested a lot of money to update our home.  For us, it’s been approximately $100,000 in improvements.  Because of the stagnation of appreciation that the older homes will suffer due the introduction of new homes, we have stopped our investment short of Hurricane windows and doors.  Despite the propaganda pitch by 13th Floor, there will be a substantial lag in our normally steady appreciation proving there would be no return of our investment at this time.  Furthermore, how will we tolerate the noise during construction?  What kind of compensation is 13th Floor offering?

13th Floor keeps pitching “new amenities”, which is a joke. No fair minded person believes the residents of section Nine are going pay for all these exotic amenities and then let the freeloading residents from other sections use their very expensive perks for free.  Plus we already have plenty of places to walk and the city has great prices on gym memberships and plenty of parks for us to use.  In addition, no one has been able to tell me positively that our current sewage system can even accommodate more homes. So when our plumbing persistently backs up, who should we call for the fix, the Mayor?

Let’s be clear.  The Mayor and commissioners want to rezone the Woodland’s Country Club property to increase their tax revenues?  However, we will be long forgotten by our “trusted” politicians once they give greedy land developers carte blanche to destroy the only unique property in Broward County.  By the way, when we are walled in and suffering additional bumper to bumper traffic on the adjacent roads, should we call the Major and commissioners to send vehicles to clear a path?  These problems do not have a clear solution.

I’d also like to add, that the proposed homes do not match The Woodlands.  You are talking about zero lot line homes which basically walls in all the homes that sit on the golf course.  Furthermore, they are concentrated in section Seven and not evenly or fairly spread out.  I’d like to point out that Park Manor (13th Floors other development) are ugly giant block houses towering over The Mainland’s neighborhood.  Why would we want them here?

Another item that is so troubling to me is Colony West.  The City and 13th Floor love to tell us that golf courses are failing yet my tax dollars are going to save and improve a golf course that can’t compare to the beauty and rich history of The Woodlands.  So which is it?  Why is Colony West worth saving and not The Woodlands?  Am I supposed to believe this lie?

It has recently come to my attention that on Wednesday April 24 at 9am. There was another meeting for a zoning change from commercial to residential at the corner of Rock Island Road and Bailey Road.  Proposed a three story rental apartment. We know traffic problems already exist in that area. Yet it was voted in 3-2.

Which brings up another item. These public hearings should be convenient for the public. The majority of tax payers work during 9am-5pm. I believe scheduling these meetings at these times are divisive.  You are limiting our ability to represent ourselves.

We understand that Club Link has a right to sell.  However, they knew full well that zoning would have to change to sell this land to a residential developer.  They are counting on the dollar signs in the starry eyes of the commissioners to approve the rezoning to increase tax revenues while dismissing the concerns of the impacted residents.  It’s all a land grab – pure and simple.  My fellow residents and I live, die, pay taxes and vote in Tamarac, and we say NO to rezoning for the purpose of destroying our lives.

The only reason our golf course is neglected is because Club Link does not want to improve the course.  They should be held in contempt for mismanaging the golf course.  The Woodlands should be zoned recreational forever.  The city should see it as the historic jewel that it is.  It should be protected.

Please VOTE NO on rezoning.  It’s not right.  It will be a disaster.  In the end we just want is to come home to the life we cherish and the City that is for our lives not the city that takes over our lives.


Marie M Gagnon

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