Letter to district 2 Tamarac Commissioner from neighbor @5204 Yellow Pine Lane

Good evening, Commissioner Gelin,
I hope you are settling in well to your new position.  I am a homeowner in the Woodlands, but I am unable to attend the Land use hearings for the Woodlands Country Club scheduled on May 1, 2019 at 9am due to work (many, many of my neighbors have expressed the same concern).  I want to assure you that sparse attendance in no way reflects our community’s concern, but rather, it is extremely poor scheduling on the part of the Community Development Department to hold such an impactful hearing during the majority of residents’ work hours.
I want to provide you my written response so you may have my feedback and present it at the meeting on my behalf.
Regarding Case No. 1-LUA-19 the Large-Scale Land Use Plan Amendment petition “to allow for the amendment of approximately 165.53 +/- acres of land from Commercial Recreation (CR) to Low (5) Residential”:
It is not my desire for the Woodlands Country Club Commercial Recreation (CR) land to be rezoned to any type of Residential land use, however, I will not fight the request ONLY if the lot sizes and homes built are equivalent to the lot sizes and homes currently present in the Woodlands.  All homes in the Woodlands community are zoned Residential Estate (RE) therefore, I will ONLY support this petition if ALL homes to be built are zoned Residential Estate (RE).
Regarding Case No. 3-Z-19 the Rezoning petition “to allow for the rezoning of 115.86 +/- acres of land from Recreation (RC) to Residential Estate (RE) and approximately 49.67 +/- acres of land from Recreation (RC) to two-family residential”:
1) This plan is NOT the plan that has been presented to Woodlands community homeowners.  Please see attached PDF and screenshot for the latest plan presentation with date/time stamps.  The plan that 13th Floor Homes has presented to our community indicates ONLY single-family homes.  It was a change from the original proposal to include multi-family dwellings due to the tremendous uproar from the entire Woodlands community with regards to building anything other than single family houses. The PDF may be found at this website: https://woodlands2020.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Woodlands-2020-Presentation.pdf .  I do NOT support this petition for rezoning 49.67 +/- acres of land from Recreation (RC) to two-family residential, and neither do any other Woodlands homeowners with whom I have discussed this issue.  Concerns include, but are not limited to, increased traffic and congestion, increased crime, and decreased community aesthetics. 

2) The latest plan that 13th Floor Homes has presented to the Woodlands community is still NOT acceptable in that property lot sizes are woefully smaller than current property sizes for Woodlands lots.  The Woodlands community as a whole has expressed a great deal of concern regarding the small lot sizes.  The aesthetics of the community will be greatly impacted if the 13th Floor Homes plan does not integrate well with our community environment.  The average lot size for a Woodlands Blvd estate home is 0.77 acres (range 0.57 to 1.03 acres).  The average lot size for a Woodlands community home is 0.26 acres (range 0.17 to 0.36 acres).  13th Floor Homes has proposed three lot sizes: 0.08 acres, 0.14 acres, and a few 0.19 acres.  The majority of lot sizes will be HALF or LESS THAN HALF a standard Woodlands community lot size.  Please see attached Excel spreadsheet with a sample comparison from Woodlands Section 5 homes and Woodlands Blvd Section 4 Estate homes to 13th Floor’s proposed lot sizes.
In summary, as the petition is currently presented, I CANNOT support it, as the requested rezoning changes do not meet the Woodlands community requirements.
Dr. Courtney Kirkland


  1. The Daspits support Mr. Spenas letter to Mike Gilen.
    5203 Bayberry Lane, The Woodlands Country Club

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