Letter to Commissioner Nan Rich from neighbor @4704Queen Palm Ln

4704 Queen Palm Lane

Tamarac, Florida  33319

                                                       September 5, 2019

Commissioner Nan Rich

Broward County Commission, Government Center Room 444

115 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Dear Commissioner Rich:

I have watched your public service with great interest, admiration and optimistic expectation. Thus when it came available to me to vote for you to serve my community I was joyful.  Now I hope I can count on your fairness, level headedness and informed decision making to act for present needs and conditions and not no longer viable measurements. Specifically I refer to the outdated land use guidelines. Environmental considerations must take precedence over prior commercial/business desires.

To be specific….  I live in the Woodlands, in Tamarac. We are a housing community surrounding a beautiful 36 hole renowned golf course. The owner, CLUB LINK, hopes to sell to the real estate developer, 13th Floor. Many of us in this 900 home community are against this plan. Unfortunately our City Commission in a 3 to 2 vote went for the change in zoning from RECREATIONAL to RESIDENTIAL. Now the County Commission is the next step in this process.  If the County Commission votes no to the change, the zoning will remain the same. A good majority of the community is urging this support from the County. As I believe you are well up to date on the issues facing us, I will outline the matters concerning us should this change in zoning take place.

First and foremost – ENVIRONMENTAL. The green space would be severely impacted. Flooding would be a great problem as houses and cement fill up land. Greater impact on the existing water supply would result. Vastly increased traffic from an additional 500 cars on roads that were built for community and conditions of the 1960’s when the community was formed and that cannot be widened. An opening up to greater crime in this very safe, low crime rated community. Loss of the tranquility, quiet, peacefulness, quality of life were houses to be built on the golf courses right out our back doors.  The safety of our existence would be put in danger with the additional population and development of the surrounded golf courses. In addition, this would destroy the jewel of Tamarac, as former Tamarac Commissioner Portner had called it. This would be a great loss to the city, and the county as there are few if any places remaining in this drive to build-build-build.

Secondly -the future of our existence, I believe, involves hard decisions on the part of our elected official. A land use plan that would open up this space to housing is long out of date. Keeping this space green and open is an investment in the future for   people. I invite you to come see what I am referring to. We are not so far away. An actual visit before a decision is made would be appropriate, I believe. Our City Commissioner is MIKE GELIN, another conscientious public official who could probably even act as host..


Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours truly,

(Ms.) Judith Margollis

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