Don’t Let It Go!

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”  — Jackson Brown, Jr.

If the Tamarac Commission approves the rezoning and the land use amendment requested for the 165+ acres of open green space in The Woodlands (1.5 times as big as the Magic Kingdom), there is no going back to recreation zoning and land use, and from then on, the lawyers will make sure the green space is paved over.

If hundreds of us would prepare to present, complete the “Affected Party Registration Form” and emailed it to the city’s clerk office (, with evidence and presentation, at least seven days in advance of the July 10th 2019 Tamarac Commission Meeting, we would start to balance the odds of preserving The Woodlands’ exceptional natural habitat with all its life, nonrenewable environmental resources and public health benefits.

Let me know if you do 😉 (


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