Celebrate and Love

While sitting in the same place, in front of a blank page, my own voice materialized with words that I had already said a few days before last year’s Christmas.

Those words inspired me to fiercely fight against a veil of secrecy and uncertainty that I attributed to a conspiring elite. The voice from the past, had sent me to battle for an ideal with a blog and with the mission of bringing together alike minds and hearts to stand against the disruptive force. I found a passion, chatted with wonderful people, came closer to many and distanced from others.

I open my eyes to the page still empty and smile thinking about the lessons we learned.

I turn around and watch out of my window, the neighbors’ homes lightening for the holidays as the dusk hits earlier this winter solstice day.  Those lights soothe the darkness of the night and brighten the goodness and fragility of our humanity, I thank God and pray for all my neighbors and their families. All of them, and especially for those that need it today the most.

Then I wish to be a voice of optimism for our community in the future.

I am confident that the bonds we built this year will strengthen our social cohesion and hold our leaders accountable. Let’s work together to improve our well-being and let’s pray for the health, the happiness and the safety of all the members of our community. Find inspiration this holiday season to love our entire community, will lit the sky together.

The voice of the past, present and future carry the same words: only leveraging our human capital we will influence the change that our community aspires. As sole individuals, we will be displaced.

I wish you all happy holidays and all the best for the new year 2019.

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