This is a marathon, let’s cheer each other to finish in first place

Dear neighbors, volunteers, supporters, all members of our interlinked communities that share the sky, the air, the natural environment and that can feel the loss of quality of life from these spatial and ecological conversions being approved all around us. Yesterday we invested three hours working in person with our attorney to prepare for the […]


Tonight 10-14-2019, during their monthly meeting of October, the WHOA appointed a nomination committee to select the four members at large for the next year and then adjourned the meeting. The WHOA has three appointees from each of The Woodlands’ sections that participate, and also has four delegates at large. The president of the WHOA […]

We know what you did at the WHOA meeting this last summer night – 08/12/2019

Before starting to cover the items on the agenda, the president of the WHOA created an interesting preamble that couldn’t be ignored and requires a very well-deserved viral moment. He mentioned having emailed everybody about closing certain portions of the meetings. He gave as an example the Woodlands Defense Fund starting a litigation process against […]

Let’s Call For Change

November is coming and campaigns for the municipal elections in Tamarac are making headway, a handful of nonincumbent candidates are succeeding at harnessing community engagement to bring about political change that serves the greater good. They are grasping the sentiments and interests of the community and overcoming the daunting leap of running a grassroots movement […]


Being a visual person, when I access the WHOA web site: Subconsciously, my thoughts, memories, values and the full sensorial experience are stenciled in a mind’s image like the one I have shared as the illustration of this article. Despite anyone’s thoughts about the infilling of houses in the two golf courses, let’s start […]

Showing Some Love

Fact proven and updated with insights by Roger W. Stoller (all the bold fonts) – A total jewel since 03/30/2018. Public art causes debate. I experienced it firsthand yesterday when on my way to work spotted the installation of a beautiful sculpture in the northern facade of The Woodlands community. I shared the sighting with […]