2nd Letter to the Tamarac Commissioners from neighbor @5311 Buttonwood Court

July 12, 2019 at 12:13:36 PM

Elected City officials:

I am very disappointed on the decision all three of you made in favor of 13th Floor developing the golf course.
I currently do the COP program and your decision in favor of 13th Floor has made me decide to give up on the COP program, I feel the city of Tamarac needs to deal with crime in our city, now that the city will have more revenue, and we the tax payers pay our taxes to live in a safe place.
Who knows maybe if we all let crime increase in the city of Tamarac, this will impact potential home buyers to reconsider and move to a city where a better and safer form of living can be offered.
I am one to usually report any suspicious activities in our community, however moving forward, I will let crime take place and just worry of my personal surroundings.
I wonder how much money all three of you are going to generate into your pockets or contributions for your next campaign from 13th Floor, one thing I do know, the truth always comes forth and your dirty laundry will eventually be exposed.
I am also wanting to know why did city of Tamarac purchase Colony West Golf Club with tax money, being golf is a dying sport?
As a resident I am demanding an answer.
NOTE: keep in mind you will be up for election and votes do count!
Joselito Ramos

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